The second highly anticipated series of edits from Local Talk‘s catalog finds OPOLOPO at the console with 10 “tweaks” from a wide array of LT’s artists.

Some of it’s familiar to you, but some of the source material are things I’ve never heard before. “Hubble” was I believe a bonus track available on the digital release of 2011’s The Grit EP by Actual Proof (who was — spoilers — OPOLOPO). The 2021 mix is a smoother ride — the work of a mixer 10 years older, you could say, who doesn’t feel the need to have something happen every 10 seconds because they’re nervous that something has to happen every 10 seconds or people will get bored of it.

Also reaching back to 2011 is DirtyTwo’s “Moody,” certainly a landmark release in Local Talk’s history. One’s impressed by both the wide reach of the Local Talk catalog on display here and in one remixer’s effortless stride from sample-heavy deep house to disco and weird electronic shit.

More highlights here are OPOLOPO’s tweak of Jamie 3:26 and Masalo’s “Testify” — another, more recent landmark release for the label — Kiko Navarro‘s “Dope High” and the late Soulphiction‘s “Speak To Me.”

OPOLOPO’s Tweaks are referential without getting reverential — exactly what you’d want when a label that is constantly looking forward throws a glance back to its past.

V/A: OPOLOPO’s Tweaks (Local Talk / Digital / December 2021)
1. Actual Proof: Hubble (OPOLOPO 2021 Mix) 06:08
2. DirtyTwo: Moody (OPOLOPO Tweak) 06:42
3. Jamie 3:26 & Masalo: Testify (OPOLOPO Tweak) 07:19
4. Jaxx Madicine: Escape From Planet Earth (OPOLOPO Tweak) 05:23
5. Kiko Navarro: Dope High (OPOLOPO Tweak) 05:58
6. Opolopo: Silkworms (4/4 Mix) 05:25
7. Soul Renegades: Speak To Me (OPOLOPO Tweak) 07:50
8. Soulphiction: Bizzness (OPOLOPO Tweak) 05:22
9. Urban Sound Lab Presents Miss Yankey: One Less (OPOLOPO Remix) 05:31
10. Wil Maddams: Stand In For Love (OPOLOPO Tweak) 07:02

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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