For Christ’s sake, you spoil us. Traxx Underground follows up on releases from Samann and Victor Simonelli (highly praised here) with yet another smash.

Back In 20 Minutes is a new four track EP from another young genius, Orazio Fantini, and I have no clue what the fuck they’re putting in the water in Italy but they ought to bottle it and sell it next to brain tonics and Miracle Gro. “Free Yourself” leads it off with some deep ’90s flavored House, and sets the tone for one of the most lush records I’ve come across recently. I mean, draw a picture, connect the dots: this is everything a House Music track should be, from vocal eruptions, the fat organ and vibraphone (vibraphone!) “Deep Love” has a melody evoking Barbara Tucker’s chants on “Deep Inside” (without sampling a note of the latter – it’s purely the vibe). Any Deep House or Garage-influenced DJ can pick any of the four songs at random and find something lovable here; this is the rare 12″ where all four tracks will get a work out.