Orlando B Sound of Your Soul EP

You know how every Facebook post and Instagram clip and SoundCloud blurb and Beatport description claims the track you’re about to hear 45 seconds of is “highly anticipated” and has been “slammed” by famous DJs and the label just can’t wait to share the good news of this song with you?

This one actually is all that. Promo’d months ago, Sound Of Your Soul by Orlando B is an eruption of soul, patched together from samples with an expert hand. “One Time” and the title track are throwbacks to the MK-style remixes that everybody wanted so much DJs would slap masking tape to obscure the label from trainspotters. “Oldskool Feelin” has more of a lively feeling – strip the chords from a Ralphi Rosario record, lay them over Victor Simonelli’s beats and you have something strange and powerful in your hands.

Orlando B is a veteran DJ, apparently from London by way of Scotland and if he’s spent a lifetime perfecting the skills that culminate with the making of this record, it hasn’t been time wasted.

Orlando B: Sound Of Your Soul / Contemplate Recordings
A1. Orlando B: “One Time”
A2. Orlando B: “Sound Of Your Soul”
B1. Orlando B: “Oldskool Feelin”
B2. Orlando B: “In The Mood”



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