Orlando Voorn: Muzik Is Life EP

The weird shit that music makes you do is more telling than anything you might have to say about it. The first thing I did after hearing the impossibly soulful title track to Orlando Voorn’s Muzik Is Life was to start scouring discogs to find out when it had been released before. This is a throwback in the best sense of that word: something that could be a vintage classic situated right in the guts of Orlando Voorn’s rather prodigious back catalog. I’m a sucker for curling a powerful riff and just driving it into the ground, and that’s what Voorn does here. You don’t need a degree to know how to do this but you do need chops, taste and confidence.

Two other tracks are on here – the more Fingers, Inc.-esque “Vos Cotes,” a collaboration with Florian Muller and “Swing It” with Paty Pat. They’d be the highlight of any other EP, particular the Floorplan-esque jazzy techno swing of “Swing It,” but I think the title track was the right choice.

Roundabout Sounds were already my heroes (they released The Power by Aaron-Carl, one of the best posthumous tributes to an artist I’ve ever heard); by somehow obtaining this material and getting it out there in the world, they’re not only doing the right thing but doing great things too.