One of the best young American electronic music labels scores up another instant must-have in their discography with the dreamy, emotional deep techno and house of Nu-Cleo’s The Outerzone.

“Nu-Cleo” is an alias for Rhythm of Paradise, whose Signals EP (Hotmix Records) was one of the most stellar records added to my collection in 2018. He makes techno you can sing to, like at least a few of the originators of this thing thought techno should be made. His percussion often sounds like recently captured samples if not homemade, with a dreamy, fuzzy tone at home on a label which has championed Tape Hiss, Casey Tucker and Shmoo. The four tracks play like a live performance – if not recorded together, they share a certain organic unity that makes them melt together.

The titles read like random cut-ups of William S. Burroughs’ random cut-ups – “Outerzone,” “Climax,” “Elements,” “Future Days.” Given the high literacy level of past Love Notes releases I’m not sure that’s not intentional.

Nu-Cleo: The Outerzone / Love Notes
A1. Nu-Cleo: “Outerzone” (6:11)
A2. Nu-Cleo: “Climax” (6:33)
B1. Nu-Cleo: “Elements” (6:09)
B2. Nu-Cleo: “Future Zone” (7:19)



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