Attention Deep House heads: there is vinyl heat circulating in breakfast form entitled Pancake Sessions. The label is equipped with delicious pancake art on Side A and the cool-down after a Tetrode-Downbeat party on the flip-side. The image on side B represents the inspiration that eventually transformed into this delicious Deep House gem, which features three Chicago producers who bang it royally alongside label head Malcolm Moore. All four tunes are deep, groovy, and appropriate for any occasion, and strong in that the distinctively different flavors conducively marinate into a warm set of hotcakes.

Malcolm Moore’s “Red Eyes and Blueberries” begins with longing chords and synth lines reminiscent of early Prescription tracks. Chicago Skyway’s “Pilsen Sunrise” expresses out as a flavorful tune through a soft chord progression, superb drum programming, and climaxing filtered pads. Specter’s “Short Stack” heads up the B side with a heavy beater, which drones chords in the low register amidst a funky bass and a horn line that speaks Jazz. Lastly, Steven Tang’s “Over Easy” ends this breakfast of waveforms through stellar drum programming, keyboard melody action, and emotive pads that blossom into a moving tune with a driving acid bass line. Yes, Pancake Sessions is the breakfast of musical champions that is good served at any time of day. I guess the lovely artwork struck a chord with me; I will always listen to a record that has pancakes on it. Who doesn’t like breakfast?


Originally published in 5 Magazine’s March 2011 issue.