Paolo Rocco: Not Scared

Paolo Rocco submits for your approval the first EP on Home Invasion from someone other than Franck Roger himself.

Paolo Rocco has been operating in my periphery for a number of years now. When I read his bio and saw the words “DJ’s DJ” I immediately clicked on a two hour live recording from his residency in Montreal. I came out of it a super fan!

Rocco released an EP on Franck Roger’s Real Tone Records in 2012 and now he’s the first artist to appear on Home Invasion other than Roger himself. That’s quite a compliment, and Rocco deserves it. This 4 tracker is right at home.

These steady solid grooves are great because they can work for hours. Each track dares you not dance to them. They dare you to stop once you’ve started. They’re like a beautiful woman chilling at the bar waiting for you to approach her, unaffected whether you have the guts. The groovy basslines, the synths that are light as a feather… this record sets the mood for one hell of a late night.


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