Anaxander is putting together a back catalog by artists that reads like the line-up of God’s own music festival. Patrice Scott joins a roster that includes Brian Harden, Javonntte, Kai Alce, and Spirit of the Black 808 on Sounds of the City, the French vinyl imprint that keeps givin’ it to us.

Reborn Goodness is titled like a poem and drops like a bomb, rising up to meet the high standard of soul-infused deep house Patrice has set over the last decade. The title track is drenched in the stuff, sticky grooves and delicate keys that you find difficult to shake off after the track ends. “They’re Up To Something” turns up the drums in the mix for a steady metronomic heartbeat to modulate the moody, wavy and jazzy tones. “She’s Jazzy” drowns you in bass, like the glistening funk tracks of the early ’80s meet a dub poetry that is Scott’s own specialty.

I’ve thought highly of every one of the seven records SotC has released, there’s not a bad track you can skip over on here. With Kai’s Movin’ Thru and Javonntte’s … To France, this ranks with the best of a brilliant and blossoming catalog.

Patrice Scott: Reborn Goodness (Sounds of the City)
A1. Patrice Scott: “Reborn Goodness”
B1. Patrice Scott: “They’re Up To Something”
B2. Patrice Scott: “She’s Jazzy”


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