patrice scott

Since 2007, Patrice Scott has released as many essential records as anybody. He returns to Sistrum, built brick-by-brick largely from his own recordings, with Soulfood, a three track EP of delicate electronics. All three draw in elements of Deep House, Soulful House, Jazz and Afro like a magnet and manufactures something new out of the base components.

The title track of Soulfood has the feel of a jam session, the sound of a one man band testing out new ideas and enjoying the noise he’s making. “Soulfood” brings to mind George Benson, where Jazz meets soul and somehow a 4/4 beat makes it all flow together like strong liquor. “Feels So Good” and “Instant Gratification” on the B-side have few flairs, no extravagance – they’re wired together by sweet melodies and an understanding of rhythm that approaches a science. In particular on “Feels So Good,” Patrice’s light touch on the drums makes it sound so much bigger than the sum of its parts. I love records that can work a club and worker harder when you bring them outside into the daylight, and that’s just what these do.

Patrice Scott: Soulfood (Sistrum Recordings)
A1. Patrice Scott: “Soulfood” (6:17)
B1. Patrice Scott: “Feels So Good” (6:32)
B2. Patrice Scott: “InstantGratification” (5:28)

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