Paul Johnson Remixes Johnny Fiasco’s Yolo

Get'er done: rapturous remix from Chicago House legend Paul Johnson of a Johnny Fiasco track from Nuphuture Traxx's back catalog.

When record nerds and jocks gather in their circles to trade gossip and throw shade on the guys and labels who no longer “have it,” they’re not talking about Paul Johnson. I’ve spent years combing through Paul Johnson’s archives – they’re gonna be recognized, sooner than you think, as one of the great underground and largely under-appreciated discographies in Chicago house history – and most of them are like this. They start out subtle, you wonder where the magic is and then it hits you like a fucking tsunami right in the middle of your daydreaming. The piano work is exquisite, the drums are fly and nobody can make them shuffle like this. Paul Johnson can make a classic without a moment’s hesitation, without waiting around for inspiration. It’s why he is one.

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Johnny Fiasco: Yolo (Paul Johnson 9 Live Remix) (Nuphuture Traxx)
1. Johnny Fiasco: Yolo (Paul Johnson 9 Live Remix)


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