Pearl Vision: Clair Obscur

The choice cut from the Storm EP, the debut release from Dany Rodriguez and Tindra's Pearl Vision project on EPM Music.

This track is from the Storm EP, the debut release from Pearl Vision (not Pearle Vision), a duo made up of Belgian DJ and producer Dany Rodriguez and Tindra. It is shockingly good. “Clair Obscur” is a gorgeous techno track that’s as ethereal and hauntingly beautiful as anything you can imagine but drives forward with a pulsating kinetic energy. It’s not hard to do the first; the second is more difficult; these two aspects being present together is all too rare. The other four tracks on Storm are not by any means second-rate; working club DJs especially will find a lot to like in “Orizon,” “Unity” and the title track too.

Pearl Vision: Clair Obscur / EPM Music

1. Pearl Vision: Clair Obscur (07:51)
2. Pearl Vision: Leksecuress (06:47)
3. Pearl Vision: Orizon (07:01)
4. Pearl Vision: Storm (07:49)
5. Pearl Vision: Unity (05:40)



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