This is one of those records in which every single track gets “premiered” by bloggers who write like they’ve caught themselves halfway through a piss and are dancing about in a hurry to go back to it.

Deserves better and I’m not sure I’m up to it but I’ll try:

Pépe is from somewhere/anywhere in Europe and has emerged from somewhere/nowhere with several nodding Deep House EPs in 2017 – most notably Cécile on In Records (Paris). His sound as encapsulated here ranges from vibrant and emotive Techno (on the appropriately titled “Belleville” – both for the glistening bells and the starting point of its inspiration) to the Jupiter jazz of the title track. “Bay Moon” loves the synth sounds its making so much it piles them on heavy and swerves into a sweet, pop-like bliss. This is a solid EP, spectacular in places and the core of an extremely talented producer’s growing body of work.

How’s that?

Pépe: Motorforce (Renascence Records)
Side 1
A1. Pepe: “Bay Moon” (6:09)
A2. Pepe: “Good Morning Good Night” (5:04)
A3. Pepe: “Good Morning Good Night” (Rings Around Saturn remix) (5:32)
B1. Pepe: “Motorforce” (7:12)
B2. Pepe: “Belleville” (5:27)



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