Pezzner & James Curd Release Flesh & Blood

Two phenomenal tracks by House Music veteran producers James Curd and Pezzner pack a lethal groove.

Break DJing down to the level of the laptop and the DAW and perhaps you come up with something like Flesh & Blood, a next-level collaboration between Pezzner and James Curd. Debuting on King Street, each of the two industry vets came up with their own version of an original of which there isn’t a trace left behind.

In a very odd way, it also feels like this is a switch of identities: James Curd sounds like James Curd doing Pezzner doing disco; Pezzner’s version sounds like Pezzner having a go at remixing a fragment of one of James’ old swing house productions.

However it works out, these two tracks are phenomenal and pack some lethal grooves. Pezzner takes a sax to play off the vocal sample, and there isn’t anybody in this industry who is better at making grooving, deep dance music out of nothing but fragments. James Curd’s version is heavier on the funk with more of a soulful swing. I can’t pick between them and I shouldn’t have to.

Pezzner & James Curd: Flesh & Blood (King Street Sounds)
1. Pezzner & James Curd: Flesh & Blood (Pezzner Version)
2. Pezzner & James Curd: Flesh & Blood (James Curd Version)


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