Phil Asher

Archive Records from Italy has put out this stomping two track release from Phil Asher, one of the most multifaceted producers working today. Phil beats this one hard – these are brutal tracks sure to kickstart any dancefloor, anywhere in a set.

“Political 06” features a whiplash of drum effects beneath a speech from Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s not a terribly original idea but it does the job here. More impressive is “Revolution = Solution”. This song would not get out of my head. I know someone’s gonna call this tribal – and it is, if by “tribal” you mean “a rhythm that makes you want to take off your clothes and dance around a fire with 500 of your closest friends.” The main mix simply kills on a level that I haven’t gotten from a track since Paul Johnson was cutting up his old cassette tapes for release on Relief. The Deep Mix is made for a more inhibited dancefloor, stripping down the crazed excess of the original for something more nuanced.