I first heard about Static Music at the start of 2017 when they released a couple of tracks from Sleepy & Boo, Electronic Youth and ramped it the fuck up to 10 with Music Cultured, a pair of percussion-driven tracks and quasi-DJ tools from Mark Farina. Anyone that’s willing to take producers at their most eclectic and off-brand best deserves a fair listen, and in a stream of releases from Jay Hill, Alex Raider, Ben Coda and others, there have been enough gems to make the journey the reward.

Phutek is up next with “Make You Rain,” a single released this month on Static. The Layer 909 owner makes music that just cries out to be played loud: aggressive, driving techno with a pulsating heart at its center. The sampled, growling vocal introduces the nicest hint of a retro throwback vibe, battened down by bouncy synths that are sharp enough to lop a few heads off.

Phutek: Make You Rain (Static Music)
1. Phutek: Make You Rain (6:09)



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