Pitto: Late Night Studio Moves

Heist continues pushing into legendary territory this summer with Pitto's Late Night Studio Moves.

“Late Night Studio Moves” begins as a beat track, shifts into a seance of torrid African chants and before it’s over it sets the joint on fire with a blast of filtered funk’n’soul.

For good reason this is the title track of the new EP from Pitto and with equally sound judgment was it signed to label-of-the-moment, Heist. There’s nothing like “Late Night Studio Moves” in the racks right now, mainly because labels of this caliber and with this much on the line with each release are too chickenshit to put their cred on the line for a 9 minute track that could have been made by Joe Claussell but wasn’t made by Joe Claussell. For this track alone Pitto can be called brilliant: each layer triggers another, sounds and effects bleed into one another and push the spirit toward a state that must be like satori.

Pitto: Late Night Studio Moves (Heist)
A1. Pitto: “Late Night Studio Moves” (9:27)
A2. Pitto: “You Treat Me Like A Fool” (6:44)
B1. Pitto: “Jazz Kids” (6:55)
B2. Pitto: “Late Night Studio Moves” (The Mole MMD mix) (7:12)



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