To call this “Techno” is a grave disservice to the scope, intellect and knowledge that Plaster has poured into Transition, the project’s newest release on Kvitnu. It’s the distillation of some 50 years of European electronic music history, from musique concrete forward through Tangerine Dream’s mid-’70s landmark releases Phaedra and Rubycon, onward to Pete Namlook and beyond. You might be saying that you’ve heard quite enough cosmic spaceshit for today, but not like this. Transition is ambient, yes, on edge and cinematic, beautiful and unsettling and sometimes in the same track. Glacial by default, disparate effects stir and churn in a choppy surf of feedback and rogue electrons and sometimes come together to form barbaric melodies, as in “Imaginary Friend” and “Disconnected Heart.” I want to use the word “gothic” here but it will easily be misunderstood: I mean it in the sense of something ornate, incomprehensibly huge and mysterious, half in shadow and half overexposed by floodlights.

Plaster: Transition (Kvitnu)
1. Plaster: Casual Encounter (04:59)
2. Plaster: The Climbers (04:07)
3. Plaster: Disconnected Heart (04:09)
4. Plaster: Unregistered Product (04:11)
5. Plaster: Imaginary Friend (03:59)
6. Plaster: Caress From The Unknown (04:44)
7. Plaster: The Last Goodbye (03:00)
8. Plaster: Children On The Cliff (06:04)


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