Madcat Queen of Sands

Before we get ahead of ourselves and bury the lede: “Amina de Zaria,” the lead track from Madcat’s Queens of Sand EP, is a stone cold future classic. Madcat is tapping into some kind of Jungian collective consciousness with this one – the delicate chords roll out like some kind of half-remembered dance or dream, memorized, forgotten and remembered again.

Queens of Sand is a great syncretic project, blending a slow disco vibe with a refined deep house sensibility and an overall aesthetic that could have originated in the lost studio sessions of the maestro of the ultra smooth, Donald Fagen. It might take a few plays to get high on this stuff but by the end that low-slung, almost quiet vibe brings you around.

Madcat: Queens of Sand / Pont Neuf Records (December 2019 / Digital/12″ Vinyl)
1. Madcat: Amina de Zaria (05:23)
2. Madcat: Amanitore (05:08)
3. Madcat: Reine de Saba (06:57)
4. Madcat: Cléopâtre VII (05:29)



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