I’m obsessed with this record and like all nasty fetishes I can’t really tell you why it does these things to me. Bowyer has an upbeat and inventive take on dance music — poptimistic house produced so well the tracks are cut like diamonds, set in a dyed-in-the-Union Jack Britishism on Bob’s Your Uncle, an EP from Welt Discos.

There’s a half-skip / half-strut to “Crunching Numbers, “Steaming Dish” and “Bob’s Your Uncle,” like music you could imagine for the “hard work montage” of an ’80s movie but one that was made today. You could also play this on a rooftop in the summer, if that’s more practical for you.

The B-side tracks go sideways and use a warmer palette — broken beats, sensual bass and grooves that stretch out like slithery things on a warm stone.

Bowyer: Bob’s Your Uncle EP (Welt Discos / February 2023 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Bowyer: “Crunching Numbers” (6:49)
A2. Bowyer: “Bob’s Your Uncle” (5:58)
B1. Bowyer: “Horizontal Horizon” (5:22)
B2. Bowyer: “Steaming Dish” (5:53)
B3. Bowyer: “How We Got Where We’re Going” (3:41)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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