Diligent audio archeology from Peripheral Minimal that throws a spotlight on music of serious historical merit. Prophecy + Progress focuses on “acts that were experimenting with newly available technology at a time when the punk scene had imploded and the music press was busy coining new genres as an attempt to continue its legacy.”

That music press deemed Martin Hannett the mad scientist behind these types of experiments, but he was clearly not working in total isolation nor did he carry his exotic experiments out to their furthest fringe. The tracks on Prophecy + Progress are not mere tape experiments with homemade electronics, which already had a long and sometimes glorious history by 1978 when the first of these tracks were released. Through the unearthly wails and modulated frenzy, songs emerge, some of which are quite catchy and certainly show a talent for arrangement.

There is quite a variation within, and if they don’t often resemble each other, the overall work evokes the same wonder as Soviet electronic music. Born in esoteric isolation, something evolved which is identifiable to modern ears but a bit off, a bit eccentric, like ancient cave drawings of easily identifiable animals.

This tremendous collection is available worldwide and on bandcamp; the vinyl would make for a fairly unique gift for the weirdo in your life.

Prophecy + Progress: UK Electronics 1978 – 1990 (Peripheral Minimal)
1. CLOCK DVA Lomticks Of Time (1978) (03:38)
2. VICE VERSA Idol (1979) (03:01)
3. COLIN POTTER Number 5 (1980) (04:04)
4. KONSTRUKTIVISTS Vision Speed (1981) (05:38)
5. NAKED LUNCH Rabies (1981) (04:54)
6. FIVE TIMES OF DUST Automation (1981) (03:46)
7. SCHLEIMER K Women (1981) (03:00)
8. V-SOR,X Conversation With (1981) (04:25)
9. ATTRITION Beast Of Burden (2006 Remaster)(1984) (03:07)
10. PETER HOPE + DAVID HARROW Too Hot (1986) (04:23)
11. JOHN COSTELLO Total Shutdown (1986) (03:09)
12. T.A.G.C. Further And Evident Meanings (1986) (04:09)
13. JOHN AVERY 12am Awake & Looking Down (Edit) (1990) (03:11)



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