Forget what you read elsewhere about the decline and fall of the House nation: as long as there are people like Raw Jam making tracks like this and people like Marc Cotterell releasing them, we’re gonna be alright.

Back On The Street is volatile, volatile like sweat scraped off dynamite is volatile. There’s nothing subtle here: every garage-y track is stacked high with every trick and whistle, as high as it can go without tipping over and taking a room full of vodka and delirium with it.

“I Don’t Wanna” leads off and it’s a sucker punch: this is the sort of track you expect to find on some mysterious white label with four letter codes written in marker on the label. Fat chords and small cuts of vocal samples push these all so far over the top you’ll want to scream with it.

By the sad standards of our time, the tracks on this one EP probably could have been stretched out over a series of three or four EPs flabby with filler without anyone really having a problem with it. As it is, if you like this sound even a little, all four tracks are must-haves and work-outs.