I thought I’d done my part when I interviewed Pittsburgh Track Authority and previewed this strange project called Raw Ten (say it out loud), a collaboration between the trio and Nic Offer of !!! (chk chk chk) called “Funny Thing”.

But I’m back again less to promote it than to pass it along, in the manner of a communicable virus. In cold storage for years, “Funny Thing” has climbed out of the box as an absolute monster.

In the beginning, the drums rise and the hook fades in gradually. This is a dance track and it’s made for DJs – keep that in mind, because it’s about the only thing about “Funny Thing” that you could call conventional. It’s a triumph of songwriting and arrangement and blows every other attempt at danceable pop music – all of them so very, very conventional – out of the water. The best of the smooth “new deep” and saccharine “nu disco” all seems so minor and forgettable by comparison. And it’s the vocal is what does it: floating atop that bouncy, subterranean riff, Lou Tanning floats to some point between Soulful House, Pop and Freestyle. The rest? Unclassifiable. People are going to compare any track with a vocal and a general techno sound to Inner City, but don’t let them do it. Ten years from now, people are going to look back on this song not as a throwback or with nostalgia for some contemporary genre as much as for the dance floors this “funny thing” has blown out.