This EP from a label and two artists hailing from New Orleans is burning hot with quality deep house (and the puns are only going to get worse from here.) Burning Heat showcases two tracks each from Redance and Quickweave, a pair of DJs from the deep south (told you) who play together a lot and have a obvious affinity for the sound of producers like Kai Alcé, Chez Damier and Jovonn.

“Excuse Me Miss” from Redance snags some throaty, sultry vocals that light a fire under a gorgeous hypnotic rhythm. “Hot Wax Summer” is making me think that while you don’t need to be from a place that gets so muggy in the summer that you can sweat out your body weight walking from your driveway to your front door to make real deep house… it probably doesn’t hurt. Quickweave’s “Too Late, Don’t Care” is a mental jam one can easily imagine being rocked in a Ron Trent or Rich Medina set.

Determined to test the limits of what a 12″ can hold, remixes here come via Nick Holder and his graceful take on “Excuse Me Miss” and AceMo remixing Quickweave’s “You Lied To Me.” Outstanding release all around.

Redance / Quickweave: Burning Heat EP (Mystery Zone Records / 12″ Vinyl / Digital / July 2022)
1. Redance – Excuse Me Miss
2. Quickweave – You Lied To Me
3. Redance – Hot Wax Summer
4. Quickweave – Too Late, Don’t Care
5. Redance – Excuse Me Miss (Nick Holder Remix)
6. Quickweave – You Lied To Me (AceMo Remix)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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