If you are ever tasked with writing about Techno tunes, it’s really important to remember the context in which so much of it is meant to be heard. Sure, you could sit and listen to each song intently in your fancy headphones and you might enjoy it, but some things just aren’t meant to be heard that way.

For me, so much of the context takes place within the mix: in a dark room surrounded by flailing bodies, the bass rattling my sternum and my brain somewhere in between sweaty bliss and total meltdown. It’s right there in the middle of that chaos where Spanish producer Reeko’s latest offering fits perfectly.

This isn’t typical song structure, melody driven music. This is stripped down, raw and grinding. From the sparse, driving Sturm und squish of “To The Sun”, to the tumbling boulder crunch of “Moon Direction”, the intent is clear: this is meant to be layered and ridden in the mix until the dancefloor is roiling.

“Star Phases” pulls back on the percussion and opts instead for a sweeping twinkling pad, pulsing in and out of the mix for optimum hypnotic effect, while “Saturn Sequences” juxtaposes bell tones with noise and some approximation of interstellar signals that wouldn’t sound amiss alongside Jeff Mills’ older Axis releases.

These layered sonics certainly lend themselves to the space theme, but the space in which it really works best is some sweaty, dark basement somewhere near the Left Front Speaker.


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For nearly two decades, Indianapolis-based DJ Shiva has brought a multitude of techno flavors to dancefloors far and wide. From the deepest to the darkest techno, she is a purveyor of variety in both music and technique. Her technical skills on the decks are highly respected, but her truest talent lies in her knack for contrast and composition. No stranger to production, her releases on labels like Dystopian Rhythm, 611 Records, Different Is Different, Translucent, Gynoid Audio, and Chroma are known for their drive and grit; each of them slices of machine funk with a layer of dirt thrown on top. For the last two years, she has hosted her internet show SUBterror Radio, where she can be found crate-digging for quality tunes and airing guest mixes from techno talent the world over. You can reach her on Facebook, SoundCloud and @djshiva on Twitter.