Techno artists who can play live PAs are finding a new audience beyond the show, with live sets by Four Tet, KiNK and others being sold as either full on, planned releases or (in the former’s case) surprise cuts dropped on Bandcamp. It makes perfect sense if you own the music you’re playing, which most DJs do not but these artists do.

Freerotation has been doing this for awhile with a vinyl-only label showcasing recordings from the Freerotation Electronic Audio Visual Festival, and presents four tracks from Freerotation 2017 from a few of the best live techno artists of today.

Side A is given over to two tracks from Juju and Jordash‘s “live improvised set” from Freerotation 2017. “Cut 1” is bright and mesmerizing, an organ loop creating a dreamy mattress for drum heads to bounce on. “Always and Forever” is taken from a hardware set by Shawn Rudiman, with 808 beats punching up a fuzzy, hazy but ceaselessly groovy track. Cubic Space Collective is a new name to me but their track is tight as fuck for a live hardware set.

V/A: Regeneration EP / Freerotation Records
A1. Juju & Jordash – live at Freerotation 2017 Cut 1
A2. Juju & Jordash – live at Freerotation 2017 Cut 2
B1. Shawn Rudiman – Always and Forever
B2. Cubic Space Collective – Sea of Tranquility



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