Behold: a twenty track double LP/double CD with a tracklist that reads like one of DEL’s Foundations columns. From one of the most eclectic and vast record collections in the world, disco archaeologist Joey Negro combs through a pile of one-time hits and obscure rarities for his first Remixed With Love compilation in over two years. The reworkings, well, work: you’re going to recognize instantly George Benson’s “Love Ballad,” Lose Change’s “Straight From The Heart” and The Trammps’ “Can We Come Together” (the latter given a delicious “Philly Dub Excursion”) hooked up to a disco defibrillator and jolted back into naked, screaming life. Among the delights discovered as Joey worked over the original multi-track recordings were some never before heard pieces on the cutting room floor, like Grace Jones doing some kind of Jane Fonda Workout instruction (shades here of the Melodiya Soviet Italo compilations I wrote about last year).


This is also an officially licensed and legal compilation – no sketchy SoundCloud strikes and public apologies here. Best of all, given the essential slipperiness of our age: “And the creators of the original tracks are getting paid too – as they damn well should be.”

Out: Begins shipping from Z Records this week; elsewhere on March 11 2016.

Published first in 5 Mag Issue #127, February 15 2016


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