Retouch is a(nother) Russian savant I’ve found on Bandcamp, making music that’s futuristic, rooted in the retro sounds of the 1980s and inhabits a world of what you might dub “progressive retro-futurism” if every word in that phrase didn’t contradict every other one.

Light Years is a great album – Artemy is apparently both a “sound producer” as well as a guitarist and unlike many people making synthwave projects he sounds like he has extensive musical training. “When Sirens Sing” can’t conceal the kind of classical influence that you heard frequently in 1980s synth and metal projects. He might have picked it up by osmosis but I don’t think so. Most of the album is throttled for speed – uptempo, glistening in a bleary neon glare with high octane guitar work that eschews the somewhat sanitized sound of commercial 1980s projects you might expect. “Razorblade” is my favorite track on here: a scramble for daylight, racing further forward through a world that is standing still.

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Retouch: Light Years LP
1. Retouch: Earthquake (04:11)
2. Retouch: Dystopia (04:46)
3. Retouch: When Sirens Sing (04:10)
4. Retouch: Razorblade (04:06)
5. Retouch: Alighting (02:11)
6. Retouch: Momentum (04:12)
7. Retouch: Suspiria (04:12)
8. Retouch: Hazard Rider (04:06)
9. Retouch: Light Years (04:27)