Review: Balinese Saints by Balaphonic

A lesser-known alias of Danny Ward (the better known alias is Moodymanc) soars on this crossover record.

A drum lover’s delight, the lesser-known alias of Danny Ward (the better known alias is Moodymanc) soars on the Balinese Saints EP, pouring together snippets of pianos and jazz over a pounding percussion backstop. The title track sounds like an Afro-Brazilian live band holding soundcheck with two or three of the loudest fucking percussionists in the city playing off one another. There is a beautiful moment in “Mondays” when the line between electronic effect and live instrument blur – I’ve played it back four times with a nice pair of Sennheisers and I honestly can’t tell. It’s as if electronic music has progressed to the point where the most striking sound comes from lesser-known instruments in the hands of people who have never touched a Delay button in their lives. “Sunflowers In Dub” goes a stride closer to IDM and should really be heard as such.

I can’t say I have another record in my collection that sounds like this – some early attempts at “ambient house” made a few dashing experiments in this direction, but usually got too high off their own emissions to make a truly well-rounded track like these.

Balaphonic: Balinese Saints (Well Cut Records)
1. Balaphonic: Balinese Saints (Original Mix) (7:03)
2. Balaphonic: Mondays (Original Mix) (7:26)
3 Balaphonic: Sunflowers In Dub (Original Mix) (8:00)



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