Review: Doogatron featuring Dia Tee: SoundFreqNRG

"As refreshingly weird and disconnected as a pleasant afternoon nod" from the Detroit project Doogatron...

Doogatron Dia Tee SoundFreqNRG album artwork

As refreshingly weird and disconnected as a pleasant afternoon nod, the Detroit project Doogatron’s “SoundFreqNRG” sounds like it was made using stolen time in a studio and mastered in the backseat of a car while fleeing from police. One vocal is pushed way up in the mix, repeating a couple of short passages of what seems to be wordless singing but also subliminally repeating the word “sound” while another vocal delivers mostly inaudible spoken word narration. As everything else goes pear-shaped, the drums come together amid a fuzzy analog warmth throughout. Everything starts and stops mid-stride, like a piece chopped out of a madman’s long symphony. Wild stuff.

Doogatron featuring Dia Tee: SoundFreqNRG: (May 2021 / Digital)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.



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