This is a big record for Revivis, a DJ and producer whose 2018 Serendipity EP on We_r House was a sign of good things to come for those who were listening. Released on Okain’s label Talman, Neck Back features three original tracks and a remix by Cinthie. The sound is reminiscent of that gritty, blurry New York house associated with some selections from Strictly Rhythm’s back catalog or some of the deeper selections from Nu Groove.

On the title track for Neck Back, Revivis flashes a talent for taking big chords and big vocals and filing them down to their funky essence. The bassline seizes control of all systems on “What You Need” — everything bends toward it, like sound dropped down the gravity well. “Open Eyes” gets remixed by Cinthie into something deep and lustrous. Any one of these tracks would have been and could have been the anchor of a solid EP — all of them on one slice of black wax is a delight.

Revivis: Neck Back EP (Talman / 12″ Vinyl / January 2022)
A1. Revivis: “Neck Back” (7:10)
A2. Revivis: “What You Need” (6:52)
B1. Revivis: “Open Eyes” (6:35)
B2. Revivis: “Open Eyes” (Cinthie remix) (5:18)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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