When the conversation turns to who in my hometown is really stepping up, that conversation inevitably turns to Ricardo Miranda. And yet as frequently happens here, Chicago’s best kept secret can also be a secret to Chicago itself. Someone needs to get this guy a residency or a storefront to hawk his wares, because from the sound of it he has a nearly untapped reservoir of deep-as-fuck tracks searching for a home.

“London Councils” appears on Roots Underground’s Italia To Chicago, a split EP with Reekee. It’s so rich, tides of synths enveloping other tides, drums all steely and trembling in the wake. The whole EP is devastating, including the soulful “Shared Love” from Reekee and Francesca Sortino. I pulled this off the shelf again recently nearly a year after release and wove it back into my rotation, because timeless tracks like these don’t grow dimmer with age.

Ricardo Miranda: London Councils (Roots Underground)