There’s been quite a trend for throwback dance music of late. Barely a week goes by when I don’t receive a slice of “authentic Chicago house from Romania”. Drum loops lifted wholesale from an obscure Strictly Rhythm tune, 808 emulations and “raw” production are all present, but something vital is always missing.

Having been subjected to another week’s worth of “Classic House-Lite(R)”, Ricardo Miranda’s new EP comes as a welcome palette-cleanser. Sounding effortlessly classic yet unmistakably new, Ricardo’s offerings represent everything that’s missing from ‘throwback’ productions; his music connects with me emotionally.

Juno bass lines, Roland drums and simple, straightforward production keep all three tracks in the realm of “classic” House, however Ricardo Miranda excels where it counts: his compositions are original and his arrangements truly brilliant. “Altered Feel” can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of my favorite ’90s records, while “Up On The Scene” shimmers around the hinterland of melodic techno.

I suppose if there’s lesson here for young producers, it is this: by all means purchase the classic synths and dig out those retro samples. But then (and this is the important bit), make actual music with them, like Ricardo did.

A fantastic record from an underrated Chicago producer, one who I’ll be looking out for in the future.