This is an interesting project from a new label out of Denver called The Playground: vinyl only, limited edition and (I think) hand-stamped, with a run limited to 200. I suspect they’ll be hard pressed to hold to the latter restriction, as Rick Wade christens yet another young-ish label with a fantastic original production. Rick’s original track “Big Push” is beautiful, particularly if you demand some sort of melodic core to what you play. Because it’s Rick Wade, this will go over like a thundershower with the Deep House crowd, but the unexpected sax and overall chill tone should make this solid gold with the more soulful folks too. I really can’t stand listening to any more insta-tracks that wrap anodyne Smooth Jazz in a 4/4 House beat and proclaim themselves danceflo fiya. Thankfully, this is not one of those tracks.

On the flip, Roger That does the kind of reconstruction that really could claim to be an entirely new track if he were so inclined.