You have to respect the cheek of a label that titles their very first release Classics 01. That’s what Hold Youth, a French vinyl imprint overseen by Le Loup and Seuil, did, and if they get more records like this one then HY001 might live up to it.

Rick Wade doesn’t need an introduction, an excuse or more than nod of respect and acknowledgement. Night Addiction packs quite a few surprises, including an astonishingly dark title track. “Night Addiction” unwinds like the menacing theme music of a movie villain, stomping through deserted streets (in this noir world, it’s always just finished raining) and turning pointedly at every orchestra hit. Heady stuff. “Enter Dawn” is flowing by comparison, with a bouncy bassline and chords doubled over by a sort of chiming that gives it a much sunnier disposition. S3A’s remix of “Night Addiction” on the flip turns it inside out; what was dark and unnerving is somehow now light and… just as unnerving.