Any party that doesn’t play at least one track from this at least once isn’t a party you need to bother with. The fourth installment of Rick Wilhite’s already legendary The Godson series landed on Mahogani in late August and I haven’t been able to drop it. These four tracks are made of broken mirrors, flashing a wide array of different sounds and moods depending on how and from what direction you approach them.

“Xanadu 3.0” is a treasury of junkyard funk; “Sonar Funk” is a monster, re-animated from the mad science of Sun Ra and Model 500. Rick also remixes Moodymann’s 2007 record “Technologystolemyvinyle” which is the most effective track on the EP and one of the best of the year. The jam session featuring a quintet of talented musicians (including Amp Fiddler on keys, Pitch Black City on trumpet and a stunning salvo fired by Sunny on drums) is a workout that every DJ with a sound that digs into the roots of these things will want to play. “Is It Because I’m Black?” is another remix of an edit by Folson & Tate and feels like a track that was made for Rick to open up a set with or mark a shift in direction. No mistaking the message, and the vocal sounds like it’s deliberately pressed up in the mix, slightly out of sync and breathing down your neck.

Rick Wilhite: The Godson IV / Mahogani
1. Rick Wilhite: Xanadu 3.0 (08:00)
2. Rick Wilhite: Sonar Funk (08:05)
3. Moodymann: Technology Stole My Vinyl (Godson’s Cosmic Soup Mix) (09:11)
4. Folson & Tate: Is It Because I’m Black (Godson’s Flip Mix) (08:03)



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