Every few years that Jersey garage sound makes a big comeback and some new savior crosses the Atlantic (he’s always from beyond the Atlantic, and he’s always a he) and makes a big name with a classic formula shrink-wrapped in new packaging. Rissa Garcia on the other hand — she lives this shit, like all the best artists live this shit, and this dope as fuck EP has been on nearly constant rotation since she dropped it into our inbox.

These two tracks are marvelous weapons for any house music DJ and stick a hotplate under any dance-ready set. Stripped down to brass and basic elements, Garcia is clearly having fun with a riff’o’rama of fat piano chords and stuttering side-swagger beats. There’s more uplift on “Good For Nothing” but I don’t want to pick besides that.

Rissa Garcia: You Be The One (NightChild Records / June 2020 / Digital)
1. Rissa Garcia: Good For Nothing (5:24)
2. Rissa Garcia: You Be The One (6:14)



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