I haven’t been following as long as some but from the time I heard the first of Roberta‘s two records on James Duncan’s Innermoods label, I was hooked. Every new record from Roberta incorporates all the ones that came before it and does it one better. Love Me Sometimes was as good as Your Woman and a little bit better. Reaching Out was as good as Love Me Sometimes and a little bit better.

Eventually we’re going to hit a peak or a plateau but I’m pleased to say that moment has not arrived. Roberta’s The Brooklyn Ave Sessions is dynamite — pure, sweating, explosive dynamite. “This Song Is For You” uses a similar formula as the title track to Roberta’s NDATL release Reaching Out — slathered in soul and irresistible riffs, claps and licks with a vocal that rips the roof clear off. Roberta’s tracks are records that dancefloors adore and DJs crave, and this is another monster.

“Gentle Is My Love” is a dubbier and moodier piece — the deepest tracks of Jovonn come to mind as a fair comparison, particularly when that trumpet solo comes in and strips the brass off. “Anything You Want” has more of an uptempo shuffle and both the original and the Teflon Dons’ remix captures what I love about this: it’s simple, it’s soulful, it’s timeless and it makes you want to dance your fucking ass off.

Roberta: The Brooklyn Ave Sessions (Worldship Music / 12″ Vinyl)
1. Roberta: This Song Is For You
2. Roberta: This Song Is For You (Pür Royale Dub)
3. Roberta: Gentle Is My Love
4. Roberta: Anything You Want
5. Roberta: Anything You Want (Teflon Dons Did This For The Shelter Remix)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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