alexander robotnick

We build cultures through common gathering places and the studio is one of the most essential. Bridging generations of Italian DJ/producers, Alexander Robotnick and Lorenzo Banchi (Lore J) have been meeting in Alexander’s studio for the past decade. Robotnick recognized even though he was much younger, Banchi belonged to the previous generation of DJs, that of the ’90s. And so a friendship was born and Lorenzo was able to hear works in progress, maybe tinker or re-edit some. That’s the practice of preserving cultures I might add. 😉

Now from the archives comes what was once simply Disco 118, now renamed and remixed as “A Fleeting Day At the Fair”. A low down dirty analog chugger that would feel right at home on the Hackers soundtrack alongside Orbital and The Prodigy. Definitely hack the Gibson material. And on the flip is the J Vision mix with so much more of that fleeting feeling. It’s a really lovely listen from start to finish.


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