Art Feast is one of my favorite French boutique underground labels, and they’re back on the scene with this tantalizingly deep record from Rocco. One veteran of the scene takes on another on Rocco’s L.Gee’s Stories, the title track bearing some similarity in form but not substance to Oliver $’s “Doin Ya Thing.” In this case the DJ’s voice is unrecognizable (though “LG” would seem to be a dead giveaway) and the message is aimed at other DJs – summarized, I think, when he spits out “Wake up!” The piano mix is actually quite sublime for what you might have thought a novelty record – slow, sparkling, with an artistry that is undeniable.

“It’s Like That” is just a fun, funky and dubby little tune, as is the fuzzed out disco of “Vénus ou Mars.” The unrestrained exuberance of the latter makes it a sneaky candidate for one of my favorite tracks this month. Chopped up like Todd Edwards decided take his razorblade to soul music from the ’70s, it sticks with you the way unintentional but unmistakable anthems do.

Rocco: L.Gee’s Stories (Art Feast Records)
A1. Rocco: “L Gee’s Stories” (main mix) (7:57)
A2. Rocco: “L Gee’s Stories” (Piano mix) (7:43)
B1. Rocco: “It’s Like That” (5:49)
B2. Rocco: “Mars Ou Mars” (5:53)



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