I don’t know if he wants to take credit for it but an old veteran of the Chicago scene once told me that UKR was “the best Chicago Techno label not in Chicago.” Driven by a hectic release schedule and some of the best A&R of any primarily digital label in the business, I think 2018 is the year we put them on the shortlist of the best labels, period. Exurban Exile from Ron S. is another stunner, featuring four tracks of clean, glistening techno from the St. Louis native. “Chaos Defrost” sets the tone with an urgency that demands you drop whatever plans you had for the next six minutes and get the fuck on your feet. “Greyfields” has a more anthemic feel, while “Telepathy” feels like a hand-crafted homage to an 8bit world collapsed under the compression and tension of Ron’s machines. Another ultra-fine release.

Ron S: Exurban Exile (UKR)
1. Ron S: Laramidia (6:27)
2. Ron S: Chaos Defrost (6:35)
3. Ron S: Greyfields (6:13)
4. Ron S: Telepathy (6:26)


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