Ron Trent’s Dance Floor Boogie Delites

"If you close your eyes you can almost hear Stevie": Ron Trent's Boogie Down/In The Light on Music and Power.

Ron Trent reaches back to the Dance Floor Boogie Delite vibe familiar from the 1995 Prescription EP (featuring “Pop, Dip and Spin” and “Morning Fever”) and the 2011 album which both shared the same name.

“Boogie Down” has a certain electrified grooviness: lasers, layered vocals and other FX slide in and out some delicate and exquisite xylophone vibes. It’s like George Benson and ’80s soul made friendly for the DJs.

“In The Light” propels itself with some slick work on a bank of synths and pianos – and I do mean a “bank.” After a minute you’ll lose track at how many dueling keys are playing from which speaker and where. If you close your eyes you can almost hear Stevie.


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