Ron Trent Returns as Romantic Flight with Together Forever

Another gorgeous Ron Trent jam in a string of 2017 bangers from Music & Power.

I don’t spend nearly as much time on music sites as I should, but unless I’ve been cut out of the hoodie record nerd posse’s inner circle, this is the fifth release from Ron Trent’s Music & Power label from this year alone (Gemini Jazz is now the sixth), and all but one of them were from Ron Trent himself.

This is a hell of a lot more notable than 95% of the “news” we called news, because Ron Trent tracks can be appreciated for the music first, for the direction the artist is navigating second and third for a presentation that is peerless. It’s a reverence for quality that is too often regarded as a novelty of the “old school” rather than a minimum standard all producers and home labels should aspire to meet.

Ron dons the mask of “Romantic Flight” for “Together Forever,” which sounds like a poetic description of the music herein. Highly melodic with soul and a Latin swing in the body, “Together Forever” brings to mind some of the classic work of Louie Vega’s EOL Orchestra as well as producers with a masterful understanding of the musicality of dance music like Joe Claussell. The vocals just kind of hover over the music like a thundercloud stalking the sun – sometimes a murmur, hypnotic and mesmerizing, the focus is on the sound of the voice and the shape of the vox in the mix. The dub instrumental is also a trip but the magic is in that main mix!

Romantic Flight: Together Forever (Music & Power)
A1. Romantic Flight: “Together Forever” (main mix) (10:32)
B1. Romantic Flight: “Together Forever” (instrumental dub) (10:15)



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