You listen to some records and they pass right through you. Far from leaving a mark, they don’t even leave behind a memory. Goldener Strom, Rosa Anschütz’s LP for BPitch is a record I wrote about in the Spring, I listen to it at least every other week and its power has never diminished from repetition — the glow around that strikingly beautiful, ethereal music has only continued to grow.

This doesn’t seem like anecdata: the little piece we published gets more traffic now than when it first came out, and a couple of my goofy record friends have picked up Goldener Strom four or even six months after its initial release. That rarely happens with an album these days.

BPitch has released four remixes across two EPs, the first featuring Ellen Allien and Métaraph, the second featuring mixes from Aasthma and Umfang. On “Sold Out” (probably the lyrical masterpiece of Goldener Strom — again this in a genre where there are few “lyrical masterpieces” of any kind) Aasthma dials it down, a slow downtempo mix shimmering with atmosphere and an energetic flow that builds like a shockwave. Anschütz’s vocals are already taut — here they’re tightened to the point of snapping, a haunting oracle speaking through verse and symbols.

Rosa Anschütz: Goldener Strom Remixes 2 (BPitch / Digital)
1. Rosa Anschütz: Sold Out (Aasthma Remix) (05:10)
2. Rosa Anschütz: Polished (Umfang Remix) (03:38)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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