Country Club Disco releases a lot of records, and there are some gems in these stacks. Their latest is called Runaround, from an artist who is also calling his or herself “Runaround.” I’m not sure if there’s a “Country Club Disco Sound” but those fat keys and the eruption of vocal flares arcing like towers of flame across the record fits with quite a few tracks from their back catalog. They’re exceptionally club friendly, weapons for working DJs, and there’s little in those aforementioned stacks that you couldn’t find some context for if you’re outfitting for your weekend.

For the remixes, Scott Diaz probably steals the show and most of the single-purchase dollars with an irresistibly grindy edit, so heavy on the keys you might get stoned on them. MRJ appeared on my favorite Country Club Disco track – Golf Clap’s “Show You” which also featured a superb Andrés remix) and his appearance here adds a sense of big room mystery with snappy snares and rolling keys and a break.