The Rurals Traxx from the Vaults album artwork

Some of the best work of The Rurals has been these tracky and dubby works that come from either the archives or the experimental side of producer Andy Compton‘s brain. “Traxx From The Vaults” are the former, three outstanding dancefloor endorphin boosters originally on wax from Plastik People but much older in origin.

“Dark Disc” toys with the vibe of a James Brown & The JB’s warm up song, pushing right to the edge of ecstasy and holding it there. “Will You Wait For Me” touches on the soulful side of UKG, evoking someone like Booker T with its striding shuffle and bouncy organ riff.

The Rurals: Will You Wait For Me (Peng / October 2020 / Digital)
1. The Rurals: Dark Disc (08:33)
2. The Rurals: Will You Wait For Me (06:31)
3. The Rurals: Sawfunk (07:08)



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