Dirt Crew wanted to make a remix album for S3A’s Pages and it quickly became a family affair. Most if not all of the remixers who take a swing on Pages Remixed are familiar names, having released EPs, LPs or both on Dirt Crew in the recent past.

It never gets insular though. Contrast the strings with whacked out soul of Lorenz Rhode’s remix of “Clarence J. Boddicker” with Art Of Tones rootsy “Southern Soul” mix of “Friends” and you’ll take a journey through about 30 years of dance music influences. Art Of Tones contributed two other remixes of “Friends” available as digital only bonus tracks. Dampe’s “French Retouch” mix of “Fever” is pretty wild – what has to be a live set of hands on a bass guitar fly up and down the neck in a warm, almost jazz/fusionesque mix. Homegrown hero Nachtbraker‘s edit of “Friends” is a drum lover’s delight, with one of the leading lights of Dirt Crew’s family, Felix Leifur‘s hectic, paranoid mix of “Fever” closing it out.

S3A: Pages Remixed / Dirt Crew Recordings
A1. S3A: Clarence J. Boddicker (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
A2. S3A: Friends (Art Of Tones Southern Soul Remix)
A3. S3A: Fever (Dampé French Retouch)

B1. S3A: Friends (Nachtbraker Remix)
B2. S3A: Fever (Felix Leifur Flexi Leifs Remix)



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