All I know about SRNDR is that it’s a label from Singapore, they have a flair for really good design and they release some pretty dope tracks. And it’s a project created by Saiful Idris. SRNDR is Idris’ second act — the first was as a member of indie rock outfit The Great Spy Experiment, best known in the scene for their 2007 debut album Flower Show Riots. SRNDR is the next act, setting a path in a decidedly different direction.

The influence of years of gigging with the band is perhaps visible in Idris’ arrangements. Things happen in his tracks, they’re leading you somewhere and the tracks justify the sounds rather than vice-versa. “Summer Daze” is Idris’ next release on SRNDR, built around a brilliant, euphoric sax lead performed by Carlos Fraccalvieri. Fraccalvieri is in love with the sound he’s making and so is Idris: it gives a brilliantly sunny sheen to a luscious deep house track. Aiming to be one of those songs that brands itself on people’s memories of a season, “Summer Daze” is a smooth, deep track easy to imagine playing as the world welcomes the dawn or as another afternoon ebbs away.

Saiful Idris: Summer Daze (SRNDR / April 2021 / Digital)
1. Saiful Idris: Summer Daze (original mix) (07:56)
2. Saiful Idris: Summer Daze (dub mix) (07:56)
3. Saiful Idris: Summer Daze (Saxapella) (05:51)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.



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