Some of the coolest deep and garage-y records in the world right now are being released by Closer To Truth, a label we profiled here a year ago (and gave away a free EP of theirs). They’ve thus far stayed digital-only, and I think that’s been a key factor in their success: they’re casting a wide net and catching artists from Iceland to the Baltic states to Africa at different points in their career and getting their tracks into the hands of DJs as quickly and efficiently as possible. The model probably wouldn’t work (or would be prohibitively expensive) the minute a test pressing entered into the formula. But it does work, as seen by a nearly flawless catalog.

Sakhile SK comes from Pretoria, South Africa, he’s got about 50 followers on SoundCloud and he’s talented as fuck if Right On Time is a representative sample. The title track is choice: a laid back vibe with deep synths, fat chords and electrifying percussion. “You No Good” belies the influence of some of the vocal tracks of Mood II Swing and other ’90s cuts.

Sakhile SK: Right On Time / Closer To Truth
1. Sakhile SK: Right On Tie (6:39)
2. Sakhile SK: You No Good (7:36)



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