It’s gonna be a long, strange journey for any career lapsing three decades but for Santonio Echols the joy has never left. At least that’s what you’d conclude from what you hear on the record, which is ultimately all that history will record and all that really matters. In 2018, the Detroit veteran is still slinging wax; if there’s a photo in the Urban Dictionary entry for “Detroit Hustles Harder,” it’s gonna look a lot like Santonio’s headshot.

Detroit Bounce is a nice blend of then and now with four thumping tracks. Of widespread acclaim is the lead “Faces” and a spellbinding remix of the Reese & Santonio classic from all the way back in 1988, “Bounce Your Body To The Box.”

Santonio Echols: Detroit Bounce (D Records)
1. Santonio Echols: “Faces” (6:38)
2. Santonio Echols: “The Poem (I Rise)” (6:37)
3. Santonio Echols: “Bounce Your Body To The Box” (Project 01 remix) (6:27)
4. Santonio Echols: “Valentine” (6:38)


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