Shuffle’N’Swing puts rare Garage back in circulation

Rarities on wax from Sasha Love and Herb LF for S'N'S's third release, which was sold out almost immediately...

I’ve only recently found out about this label-slash-community and there’s nothing but shame coming from this side of the decks. Shuffle’n’Swing moderates a thriving Facebook community for “discussion, networking and general appreciation for all things UKG,” a mix series for their members (many of them new faces to me) and this unbelievable record label responsible for injecting some of the all-time Garage rarities back into circulation. These records are released in limited numbers (like everything else) but there never seem to be enough to go around (like almost nothing else): second hand copies of the reissues fetch pretty insane numbers on Discogs. Yet these aren’t simply collector’s editions: the curation involved shows the discernment of someone that knows the scene and its history rather than exploiting a hungry market.

The third release from Shuffle’n’Swing highlights Sasha Love’s “Unbelievable (Garage Flex),” originally released on the 1998 Ron Tom ft. Don-E EP Unbelievable from Metamorphosis. Maybe that doesn’t mean much to you, but there are DJs and fans who heard this in a live set (DJs that had a copy didn’t even want to play it where it could be recorded) and got the sweats when this long-standing secret weapon was ID’d and then reissued. On the flip is a track from Herb LF, formerly of Gush Collective which was featured on Shuffle’n’Swing’s initial 2019 release. “Cool Down Da Dancehall” is taken from the 2000 Gush Collective EP Collected Dubs on Draft Recordings, a raucous dub cut. Time has been kind to both of these tracks but especially the first, and blessings to the kind souls behind this label that have put them front and center again.

Sasha Love/Herb LF: Unbelievable (Garage Flex)/Cool Down Da Dancehall (Shuffle’N’Swing / March 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A. Sasha Love: Unbelievable (Garage Flex)
B. Herb LF: Cool Down Da Dancehall

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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